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Odour-less Premium All-In-1

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What is Nippon Odour-less Premium All-In-1?
Nippon Odour-less Premium All-In-1 is a breakthrough formula that reduces pollutant (Volatile Organic Compound) levels to almost zero. This environmentally-favourable product gives you superb performance and no more paint odour during and after painting!

Recommended Uses:

Premium green coating for protection of internal masonry surfaces, such as cement, plastered walls, brickwork and fibre boards. Ideal for use in eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas with high frequency human traffic.
Product Features:
Highlights of this product include:
■  Near zero VOC
■  Almost no odour
■  Ammonia-free & non-
    added heavy metal
■  Anti-bacterial and
    fungus resistant
■  Long-lasting    
■  Covers hairline cracks
■  Fungus resistant
■  Washable
■  Resistant to chalking
■  Anti-bacterial
■  Suitable for ceilings

Note: For longer-lasting results, use 1 coat of primer and finish with at least 2 coats from any product in the Nippon Paint premium range. For Timber Finish, please finish with 3 coats and there is no need for primer.

Interior Walls