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Radiant Barrier

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Your home represents a place of comfort and security. Living under the tropical climate often share a common discomfort, intensity of heat. Quick fix will usually lead to the purchase of an air conditioning unit but long term costs of electricity is a common worry. We at MONIER has developed a long term solution that shields your home from heat and lower your household expenses. MONIER Radenshield constantly outperforms rivals.


The RadenShield™ range offers premium radiant barriers for every project, housing or commercial. Using any product of the RadenShield™ range gives you peace of mind because you are assured of the benefits of the best value-for-money quality radiant barrier products in the market today.

Let RadenShield™ be your Cool Protector!

Effective Reflection of Radiant Heat
Made from materials which offer the highest heat reflection values

High Level of Tear Resistance
Able to withstand rough handling, minimising wastages during installation as RadenShield™ is made with the highest  quality premium bubble and woven series.

Water Leak Control
Made out of non-porous materials, RadenShield™ is very effective as an additional moisture barrier and will act as secondary protection when needed

Easy Installation
To ease the installation process, RadenShield™ offers a product that has not only high tear resistance but also comes pre-printed with installation grid lines, making it exceptionally easy to install

Our RadenShield™ consist of two series, Bubble and Woven


Here, the RadenShield™ Bubble AL+ keeps your roof cooler with insulation air bubbles sandwiched between pure aluminium heat reflectors


This series consist of Woven FireX, Woven AL+, Woven AL and Woven Met

  • Woven FireX : Designed not only to reflect heat but also to retard fire
  • Woven AL+ : Offers both excellent heat reflection and strong resistance qualities with the combination of pure aluminium and metalised components
  • Woven AL : Keeps your home cool with an additional protective film to prevent oxidation and cracking of the aluminium while providing excellent heat reflection qualities
  • Woven Met : Ensures suitability for all non-industrial environment as it has a high durability with strong resistance qualities
Radiant Barrier