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The idyllic rivers that meander through mountains and meadows form the perfect elements for a haven in Occitania, Southern France. Here, Mother Nature’s exquisite tapestry of colours serve as a natural canvas for creating inspiring homes.

At MONIER, our Occitane™ Roof System embodies the distinctive charm of this enchanting region. MONIER’s Occitane™ Roof System combines the vibrant hues of Occitania’s landscape with the rich texture of natural clay; creating a variety of exceptional colours that provide you with the perfect opportunity to bring the characteristics of Occitania’s unique environment to your home. Crown your home with a style that pays tribute to nature’s vibrant palette and blends in gracefully with your natural surroundings.

We at MONIER look beyond the basic needs to give you peace of mind. In the production of the roof tiles, MONIER uses plaster moulds of the highest quality, well above the industry standard. These moulds subsequently produce uniformed tiles with accurate straight lines and smoother surface. As a result, each tile fits perfectly with each other to give ultimate protection against leaking, weather erosion and intruders.