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Is your water safe enough for drinking?

The LUX AQUA GUARD GW880 ROYAL for safe & pure drinking water at point of use.

Unlike most general filters, it has a unique system that not only filters out sediments, but also KILLS all bacteria in your water.

  • dual filtration system to remove the unwanted physical impurities like mud, sand, rust, other organic particles
  • activated carbon to remove chlorine, odors, unpleasant taste and colour
  • a UV lamp that emits radiation to kill ALL bacteria! Only a UV lamp can kill ALL bacteria.
  • with Sensor Eye to ensure that the water gets the optimum intensity of UV treatment to kill all bacteria effectively
  • Lux Aqua Guard effectively removes sediments and kills all bacteria yet retaining the natural organic minerals that are vital to your health LUX AQUA GUARD GW880 ROYAL - for drinking water that is always pure, and always safe.