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Ceramic Ideal Cooker

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  1. Horizontal positioned double stove suites the most cooking habits.
  2. Heating surface is adaptable to any cooking utensil material. Etc: stainless steel, iron, aluminum, non-stick, ceramic, glass and clay cookware.
  3. 1000w, 2200w and 2000w three ring group option, offer strong firepower with even heat distribution to achieve best cooking result.
  4. Energy saving programming with heating on hold system preventing over heated wastage of electric power.
  5. Digital time control: Automated cooking experience, equipped with intelligent overheating protection device that will automatically shut down, an enhanced security feature.
  6. Touch control design: 1-9 stages of precise choice from strong to weak temperature, to ensure appropriate heat is applied accordingly to the need of different culinary
  7. Safety locks preserving cooking setting at all time to prevent mistake operation.
  8. Residual heat indicator: Cook top residual heat indicator, prevent accident touching


Ceramic Ideal Cooker