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Professional Painting for Double Storey

Retail Value: RM3000.00
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The Professional Painting Service is carried out by local highly skilled professional.

Painting works for Double Storey Terrace ranges from RM3500-5000, depending on the works. Details of works include:

  1. Pre-painting moisture level checking
  2. Colour advice and colour matching
  3. In house consultation and onsite photography
  4. Painting for ceiling and wall
  5. Painting for door and window
  6. Painting for handrail and grail
  7. Painting for exterior wall and fences
  8. Skim coating for rough surfaces, especially for interior wall
  9. Painting of high adhesive undercoat

Paint consumption for a double storey is typically 20 tins but it may vary according to the actual painting works and requirement.

Customers who are referred from can quote this advertisement and receive RM300 discount on top of any current promotion (discount is only valid for painting services)



Professional Painting
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