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InteriCAD 7000
interiorproduct Price: RM7000
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Oil on Canvas
interiorproduct Price: RM340
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DINING - 923 (150CM DINING, 823 CHAIR x 8)
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B27 Bedroom Set
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2 in 1 security door
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InteriCAD 7000

Retail Value: RM7000.00
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InteriCad 7000 is the innovative interior and exterior design software which is specifically developed to meet the needs of designers. With 14 years’ successful history, InteriCAD can provide interior & exterior design, working drawing, furniture design and magic 3D functions, which will finally lead to a revolution in the industry.

It includes modeling tool and render engine as the complete solution for many thousands of designers over the world. Put your design concepts in the virtual environment before actually building it. InteriCAD can help you make your design ideas come true in an effective way during any stage of your design process. It is also a powerful communication tool to let you and your clients have a clear picture on what is to be done without confusion.

The newest version InteriCAD 7000 allows you to create the residential design in 10 minutes by using an intelligent modeling module, which can convert 2D drawings to 3D models in seconds with just some mouse clicks. The pre-customized design templates, made with your unique style of look-and-feel, help to expedite the design process. The new VR engine makes your life easier by providing quick and high quality radiosity and ray trace effects.

A module for creating board furniture is included in InteriCAD 7000 for easy model building. You don't need to know any 3D commands but can easily create cabinets, office desks, etc. in some minutes. The pre-set commands for drawers, doors, erect clapboard, shelf clapboard, door board, etc. allow for forming cabinets of any styles step-by-step. More than that, the elevation and section drawing of cabinet can be exported directly in DWG format. Therefore, concern is also made on edge seal segment design and detailed dimensions during the design of board furniture.

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