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O-Touch series Press Release


TOUCH has become a trend today. Touch gadget are easily being spot on people hand which is a reflection of their aesthetic taste. By sensing ‘TOUCH’ as current and future trend, Fotile developed theO-Touch series of kitchen appliances, aims to brighten up your kitchen with sense of latest ‘Touch’ fashion.


Fotile’s O-Touch Series is a perfect combination of both style and practicality. The inspiration comes from IDEO, a top-notch global design consultancy in US. Streamlined controls and Touch screen are the main design focus. With a touch of your fingertip, the ‘O’ shine in orange glory on top of the coffee shaded glass, make it the significant of O-Touch series.


The O-Touch series comprises of 6 models of product: hood, hob, oven, microwave oven, steam oven and sterilizer. Each of the products is the combination of functional and design. No matter whether you are frying, steaming, or even roasting, Fotile appears the kitchen at your fingertips.


Hood - EC02


Fotile’s EC02 cooker hood brings a perfect cooking experience to your kitchen. The EC02 is a perfect compliment to the modern kitchen, with its coffee-shaded glass surface and its orange illuminated ‘O’ to match. Its slant glass interface design eventually conceals the filter and oil collector from eyesight.

Along with its natural, smoke-collecting contours and its rounded touch-screen , the EC02 is a perfect blend of art and function.


Hob – HLCB


Fotile hobs are consistent with our elegant design style, from coffee-shaded glass surface to the translucent burner stand and the patented burner, complement each other perfectly. Paired with its unique O-column knob, Fotile hobs are a work of visual enjoyment.

It’s a work of precision power as well: with its unique 5 nozzles drive design, 5-nozzles and combustion chamber, Fotile hobs are able to automatically sense changes in its surroundings, giving you complete control over flames and heat and enabling you to cook like a chef.

Another highlight feature is the fast ignition. You will get the fire ignited immediate with no lag time.


Oven – KQD50F-C2


      The built-in oven, KQD50F-C2 is another highlight of O-Touch series. Comes with coffee dark brown color, you will be impress by its sleek design. With a single touch, you are well on your way towards a leisurely baking experience.

      The 8-stages baking mode, along with the multi-angle and 3-D baking methods, all combined with an open-cycle fan system that evenly distributes heat through the oven, will make you obsessed with do-it-yourself home baking.



Microwave oven - W25800K-C2


A good microwave oven makes everyone be an expert in fast cooking. The W25800K-C2, with its one-key menu and rapid heating function, simplify the cooking process. With its unique air ventilation technology, intelligent thermostatic control, and efficient cooling system, the W25800K-C2 gives you maximum power with maximum safety. Our microwave lets you enjoy fast, hassle-free cooking with no worries.

Like all our products in this series, the W25800K-C2 complements the modern kitchen with elegant design.


Steam oven – SCD26-C2


For anyone who loves healthy life and tasty food, the Fotile steam oven will help you to conquer the best of both worlds. SCD26-C2 steam oven’s pure steam and rapid heating technology can generate a large amount of hot steam in a short time, and the dynamic steam balance system lets steam spread and circulate evenly all the time. All this allows shorter steaming time, thereby preserving maximum nutrition and natural tastes.

The SCD26-C2 also makes usage of the touch-screen design of the O-Touch series, making cooking simpler, faster, and visually pleasing.


Sterilizer 110F-C2

Fotile sterilizer 110F-C2 provides a unique sterilizing and germ-killing atmosphere. It can also automatically measure the hygienic environment of the sterilizer get rid of germs, leaving its content sterile and helping to take care of your family’s health.

     Fotile patented U shape UV light achieves 360o sterilizing, ensure perfect sterilizing in all angles. It also boost the generation of Ozone, and it will then distribute evenly around the sterilizer to make the sterilizing process more efficient. The negative ion release during drying process provides the second level of sterilizing. It able to decompose the unpleasant odor of ozone, therefore, makes the inner cavity of sterilizer clean and refreshing.

     Fotile A+ dish rack organized your cutlery, it allow the cutlery to keep at a neat and tidy manner.

    110F-C2 also possesses the design scheme of the O-Touch series with its coffee-shaded glass surfaces and intelligent touch-screen controls, bringing to your kitchen technology style, and peace.


 With a single touch, you will experience the utmost trendy lifestyle in your kitchen. Start your glamour life with Fotile O-Touch series today.


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