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A First-Of-Its-Kind One-Stop Shop For Roofing Solutions 
For Home Owners & Developers
30th June, Johor Baru- MONIER flagship showroom in Johor was officially opened today proving positive property outlook for the Southern Region. 
The first showroom in the Southern region in Malaysia, MONIER’s other 3 showrooms are based in Petaling Jaya in Selangor, Penang and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. 
With more than 50 years experience in Malaysia, and backed by international competence of being world number one in pitched roof systems, MONIER Group moves forward with further investments in Malaysia, opening its brand new showroom in Johor Baru - its flagship for the Southern region. 
Bringing the importance of roof standards to the next level, MONIER, the mover in the Building and Construction sector with its Green Technology capabilities and expertise in Roof Physics, MONIER’s exclusive showroom has “arrived” for every homeowner, interior designer, property developer and architect to visit and view showcase with advisors at hand. 
“We have great confidence in the economy and in bringing new businesses to Johor, this has led to this showroom set-up in Johor Bahru which will serve as a one-stop destination for home owners and property developers to purchase and view our products and services. We look forward to enhancing the “Roofscape” of Johor and giving added value to the properties in the region,” said Mr Georg Harrasser, Chief Executive Officer, MONIER, Asia Pacific.
In line with the state of Johor’s position as a leading investment corridor in the Southern region with the Iskandar Zone and plans of future townships in its pipeline, the MONIER Showroom in Johor is indeed well-placed in a strategic location within the nation.
With operations in 42 countries on four continents, MONIER is a pioneering global leader in Green Technology, specialised in the area of Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions (E3) today. MONIER Asia Pacific (APA) selected Malaysia as its strategic hub supporting APA business units in the region, including India, China, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. 
With MONIER in Malaysia as a MS ISO9001:2000 certified company, MONIER strongly believes that MONIER Malaysia is rightly placed and positioned to support these regional areas. 
With a firm belief that everyone should get more from their roof and design roof solutions in order to best harness the potential from roofs in order to make a better living environment for the future, MONIER invested in innovative roofing technologies and meaningful solutions to meet the challenges of the global warming phenomena in the wake of climatic change and energy crisis in the world today.
The MONIER Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions (E3) are designed from expertise derived from innovations from R & D centres in Europe and Malaysian research. MONIER’s world class roof technology, state-of-the art roof simulation software and Roof Physics, has led to the development of E3 roof solutions that are most suitable for the Malaysian tropical climate while complying to both Malaysian and International Standards. MONIER’s Energy Efficient Roof Solutions (E3) are affordable roofing systems available for better comfort, energy savings and low maintenance. 
Having two components: MONIER CoolRoof® and MONIER SolarRoof, our MONIER CoolRoof®, in particular, is a solution which stops the heat flux coming from the roof and cools down the temperature inside the building up to 10 degrees Celsius* and this translates to monthly savings of up to 30%* in electricity. 
MONIER SolarRoof harnesses the potential of solar energy converting it to household benefits and savings of up to 15%* electricity cost savings. 
Both of these solutions minimise energy consumption and provide for significant cost savings of up to 45%* in total electricity bill savings for homeowners and lessen the impact on the environment.
MONIER CoolRoof® road show at AEON Bukit Indah - 29 June to 4 July
The MONIER CoolRoof® road show was also specially organised at AEON Bukit Indah shopping centre, East Court, LG from 29 June to 4 July, showcased concurrently with its show room opening in Johor Baru where the public could get to experience MONIER Coolroof®, one of Energy Efficient Roofing Solutiuons (E3) roofing solutions, first hand and feel the temperature difference through this first-of-its-kind unique concept of viewing melting ice sculpture demonstration with “live” temperatures monitoring in mock-up homes with MONIER CoolRoof® systems. 
MONIER Corporate Social Responisbility (CSR) Initiatives In Malaysia
MONIER has several Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, among them are MONIER’s Cool School Programme and the 1 Roof = 1 Tree Campaign. MONIER’s Cool School Programme is the efforts of MONIER to improve the comfort and the studying environment of Malaysian students via MONIER Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions. MONIER has shortlisted a few schools in Malaysia where the old and deteriorated roofs can be replaced with MONIER CoolRoof®. The “1 Roof = 1 Tree” Corporate Social Responsibility programme in Malaysia is a campaign where MONIER invites property developers in Malaysia who are going “green” to plant a tree with every MONIER E3 roof purchased.