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idS Magazine Special Offer!!!


idS magazine is your source for sophisticated information related to interior design from around the world.

idS is a bi-monthly magazine in which each publication has its own theme or highlight of the month and it is beloved magazine of designers and home owner as well.

6 issues a year,is only RM65 instead RM81 NOW !!

Upon subscription, you are able to redeem ONE of the exquisite fruit fork for FREE!
You can purchase fruit fork independently as well ,unit selling price is RM 13.50

You don't want to miss it!! Go to http://www.ts-exim.com/prod_ids-my_sub.html to fill up the form and back in for us. Subscribe now with lowest price and free gift given!!

For more information, please call 016-207 8960/ 017-680 6969.

Jocelyn Ng
h/p:016 2078960/017 6806969